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 measures the

top 100 blogs of the Philippine blogosphere

. Electro-charged by über-geeky Feedburner data sprinkled with Google and Alexa data.

About Ratified.org

Ratified.org is a directory featuring the best Filipino blogs in the blogosphere. Using data from Feedburner, Google and Alexa, each blog's statistics such as feed subscribers, PageRank, links and other information are gathered and stored, thereby "ratifying" it. The data is then used as the basis for ranking Ratified.org's top 100 Philippine blogs.

Ratified.org was developed from the ground up by Andrew dela Serna. Andrew is also the creator of such as sites as Alleba.com, Dota Strategy and Plurk Themes. He blogs part-time for Alleba.com/blog, Aperture Hero and Davao Foodie.