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July 30th, 2010

Souped Up Detail Pages and … Graphs!

Visited 11931 times // Behind the scenes I've been working on the redesign of the detail pages. For those not blessed with a keen eye, the fonts are now larger and the statistics are more detailed and easier to look at. Being a freak for statistics, I thought of adding a cool ...

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July 5th, 2010

Au Revoir, Technorati. Bonjour, Yahoo!

Visited 14904 times // Back when started, the only metrics that determined the rankings came from I had since added other forms of metrics (Google PR, Feedburner, Alexa), but I was startled when Technorati suddenly announced that they were ending their API. They say they were going to replace it ...

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July 1st, 2010

Feedburner and your Ratified Rank

Visited 22175 times // Your blog's number of subscribers weighs heavily in determining your rank. Many blogs that are listed on have their Feedburner feeds included, but their subscribers are not being counted. Why? Signing up for a Feedburner feed opens up a slew of options that you probably ...

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