July 5th, 2010

Au Revoir, Technorati. Bonjour, Yahoo!

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Back when Ratified.org started, the only metrics that determined the rankings came from Technorati.com. I had since added other forms of metrics (Google PR, Feedburner, Alexa), but I was startled when Technorati suddenly announced that they were ending their API. They say they were going to replace it with a new one. It’s almost been a year, and I see no replacement in sight. I received a few complaints that having Technorati around compromises the ranking system because there was no way for new blogs to obtain a Technorati rank. They were right. I looked around for a replacement that allowed Ratified.org to record incoming links and be flexible enough to withstand daily updates. Google would be the obvious choice, but they offered no API to make that possible. So I opted for familiar territory, Yahoo’s BOSS API. I’ve had good experience using Yahoo! BOSS for Alleba.com’s search engine. It’s fast and easily customizable. Integrating into Ratified.org would pose no problem.

Blogs in Ratified.org now have a new metric called Yahoo! Inlinks. Basically this is the number of links coming from other sites pointing to yours. You might notice that numbers coming from Yahoo! and Technorati show quite a stark difference. One explanation is incoming links stored in Technorati expire after 6 months and count only blogs rather than a wide range of websites, whereas Yahoo! is a robust search using Microsoft’s Bing engine. As I was playing around with the new algorithm, I think Yahoo! Inlinks is an excellent addition to Ratified.org’s ranking system. I took a break from tinkering the code as I write this, so expect a bit more movements in the rankings in the days to come.

To commemorate this major change, I also moved things around in the site design, including the logo. Hope you like it.

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  2. fruity oaty said...

    Great changes (to both the Ratified algorithm and site design). Nice.

    A stark difference indeed… With Technorati, I was hovering at 54… and now, with Yahoo… I jumped to 42 today… for my dead site! :D

    Jul 8, 2010

  3. magnetic_rose said...

    thanks so much for dumping technorati in favor of yahoo! technorati has always been public enemy #1 for me since it refuses to index my blog for “adult content”. in reality, the so-called adult content was included in the blog post in an academic context. the service did not even bother checking my entry and simply froze my ranking — which totally sucked >.> thank you again for making the switch!

    Jul 29, 2010

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