October 20th, 2008

Bakla Ako, May Reklamo? – Philippines Top 100 Blogs for 2008

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AJ Matela

AJ Matela

Bakla Ako, May Reklamo is one of the blogs that got included in this year’s Philippines Top 100 Blogs for 2008. AJ Matela shares his blogging secret.

Janette: What have you done this year for your blog that contributed to its growth?

AJ: I think opening up new blogs has helped contribute to the growth of my primary blog. The other blogs that I put up cater to the topics which do not fall directly under the category of GLBT and as such, I avoid putting them on Bakla Ako. Also, I have been more active in the community both offline and online, and I think that helps a lot in terms of growth in readership and audience base.

Janette: What marketing strategy works best for your blog?

AJ: My blog’s niche is of the gay persuasion and marketing it is quite challenging because of the limited number of audience base. However, what proved to me as helpful marketing strategies include online social networking (Plurk, Twitter, Jaiku, Facebook, etc.) and getting seen and heard in offline blogger and media activties. I also get a lot of traffic from search engines for certain keywords that I never really optimized.

Janette: How much % of your annual income do you attribute to your blog as the source?

AJ: Only about 3% to 5%.

Janette: What tips can you give to bloggers who would like to achieve blog growth?

AJ: How do we define growth? If it is growth in terms of income, I would not be the best person to talk about that since I earn very minimally from blogging. In terms of readership, subscriptions, and following, all you need is to post quality content at regular intervals; visit other blogs and leave relevant comments; maximize your blog’s exposure by attending events for bloggers; join mailing lists and group blogs; and network via online social networking sites.

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