March 11th, 2011

Freshly Ratified Blogs Batch #29

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The long-awaited update. Sorry for the delay.

Welcome to!

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  2. Pinoy Adventurista said...

    pa-add naman po? ok lang ba?

    Apr 13, 2011

  3. Bert Padilla said...

    Hi, just wondering why you’re getting the wrong stats for Cebu Tech Blogger,
    No offense, but it seems like you site’s algorithm isn’t working like a charm. How come the Alexa rank of Cebu Tech Blogger stays at 20,944,639? I wish you can take a look at it. Thanks.

    Jul 14, 2011

  4. Tristan said...

    I’ll be looking forward on the next batch! :D

    Sep 11, 2011

  5. ahgacera said...

    hi there,

    Please change/update my Feedburner for Blog:

    This is my new FeedBurner Address:

    Thanks so much….

    Sep 12, 2011

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