February 7th, 2008

How to Submit a Site

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I know that the submission form is a little crude but it is serving its purpose. If you’re wondering why your site hasn’t been ratified yet, that’s due to delays on my part. Rest assured, it is on queue. I am following a schedule of adding 5-10 blogs per week. That may seem a little slow, but honestly I do look at each and every site before I include them. I’m not that picky and it doesn’t take much on your part to be ratified. The first thing to keep in mind is I accept only blogs, not websites that run on WordPress or other blog platforms as a CMS. Second, I look at content. As long as it’s not filled with paid posts or advertisements, you’re fine. Third, I try to avoid blogs hosted on Multiply.com and Friendster. The reason behind this is Technorati does not collect links from these blogs. As result, even though I add them, they can’t be ratified without any links present. This also applies to all blogs that have no incoming links, regardless of where they are hosted. Lastly, you have to be Filipino or Australian to be listed in Ratified.org or Ratified.org Australia. That’s pretty much self-explanatory. Please do not submit your blog by commenting anywhere in this blog. Do use the official submission form.

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    oh, I get it now. I thought I did not follow instructions because I didn’t receive any code. What should I do now is to WAIT..WAIT..WAIT…

    Jan 3, 2009

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