October 20th, 2008

PinoyBlogero and BlogComics – Philippines Top 100 Blogs for 2008

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Juan Karlo Licudine

Juan Karlo Licudine

Two of the blogs that got included in this year’s Philippines Top 100 Blogs for 2008 are PinoyBlogero and BlogComics. Juan Karlo Licudine shares his blogging secret.

Janette: What have you done this year for your blogs that contributed to their growth?

Karlo: For PinoyBlogero, all I did was to make sure that I provide valuable and high quality content to my readers. That, along with a good blog marketing strategy (SEO, blog promotion, advertising). What happens is, once a reader has been taken to my blog using my marketing strategy, I try to make sure that my post will catch their interest. Once they liked what they have read, most of them will come back for more or subscribe to my feeds.

On the part of BlogComics, once again it’s all about the content. Kuya Andrew (my partner on BlogComics.net) and I knew that our blog comics have the potential to go viral, and it did. So we concentrated on making sure that our comics would really make people laugh.

Janette: What marketing strategy works best for your blogs?

Karlo: The best marketing strategy that boosted PinoyBlogero’s traffic this year would probably be my SEO strategy. I optimized for keywords that I know a lot of Filipino people search for. Once they are on my blog, I try to convince them to check out my main blog and convert them into readers.

For BlogComics, our blog marketing strategy is a little tricky to pull off. Like I have mentioned, our comics are potentially viral, so we needed to make sure that it stays viral and for it to get a lot of exposure through promotion. Entrecard was one of the key venues that helped out with our promotional campaign.

Janette: How much % of your annual income do you attribute to your blog as the source?

Karlo: 70% of my annual income comes from my blogs. 20% comes from my freelance web/blog design works and 10% would be from my day job.

Janette: What tips can you give to bloggers who would like to achieve blog growth?

Karlo: No matter what you do, content will always be king. No matter how good you are with SEO or blog marketing, it would all go to waste if your visitors don’t see any value with your content. Remember, these visitors are just one-time visitors, but if you make sure that you meet the needs and wants of the visitors, they would be sure to come back for more.