June 26th, 2009

Ratified.org Interviews: Jayvee Fernandez

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In our slice of the blogosphere, everyone knows Jayvee Fernandez. Seriously, who doesn’t? He co-founded ultra-cool BlogBank and currently holds Editor gigs for Uno Magazine and Splashpress Media. Heck, he even teaches at AIM. Jayvee lives and breathes new media. Here he shares a little bit about himself and his thoughts about blogging:


Ratified.org: Describe your life before you got into blogging.

Jayvee: Dark and barren.

Ratified.org: So what pushed you into blogging?

Jayvee: Keeping a journal through my MA thesis was something that kept me sane. So I did it. Writing for work and writing for leisure are two different animals.

Sadly writers in the Philippines don’t make a lot of money. So instead of being a starving artist, why not outsource your stuff to other countries? That was my mindset in 2005. I discovered The Blog Herald and b5media and the rest, like Michael Jackson, is history.

Ratified.org: Would your life have gone a different direction had you not chosen to blog?

Jayvee: Perhaps. I would have pursued my career as a rock star. And trash hotel rooms. And stuff.

Ratified.org: If you were to talk in front of a crowd of bloggers in Silicon Valley. How would you describe the Philippine blogosphere?

Jayvee: Vibrant. With strong offline character.

Ratified.org: You are the Technology Editor for Uno Magazine, Editor for Splashpress, a professor at AIM. Plus you’re a part owner of BlogBank. And you’ve started scuba diving (lol). Tell me, is there anything else you haven’t done yet?!

Jayvee: Politics?? Just kidding.

Ratified.org: What does Blogbank have in store for bloggers in the coming months?

Jayvee: We’ve been quiet for some time. We were into doing blog events but stopped because everyone was doing it. So we’ve actually been reassessing the company and have come up with two interesting things which we are launching soon. The first is called the Endorser Program which we’ll explain in our next meet up (very soon!!) and the second, which I’m more excited about, is a little like that comic / TV show, Global Frequency. We’ve already launched 2 projects to pilot the second program and we’ll unveil everything also in our next meet up!

Of course, we’re still selling ads.

Ratified.org: What online tools can you not live without?

Jayvee: Google Apps. Google Spreadsheets. Google Docs. Multiple Browsers (Safari, Flock, Firefox). Skype for conference calls.

Ratified.org: Name 5 bloggers that you follow regularly.

Jayvee: Follow, like stalking?? No.

Maybe Andrew. He owns Ratified.


1. Luis Katigbak (songsinthecity.blogspot.com)
2. Butch Dalisay (http://homepage.mac.com/jdalisay/blog/MyBlog.html)
3. Anna Foz Castro (dezphaire.blogspot.com)
4. Yvette Tan (glossmania.blogspot.com)
5. Cat Juan (calamansi.blogspot.com)

Ratified.org: If there are only 3 things a blogger needs to be successful, what would they be?

1. Write about what you are TRULY passionate about.
2. Don’t burn bridges. Be nice. (especially applicable in the Philippines)
3. Never shoot against the light.

Ratified.org: If you were to write a guest post for any blog, what would it be and why?

Jayvee: Neil Gaiman’s blog. I’d write a post about how he, a foreigner, made me appreciate my local folklore.

Jayvee blogs at http://www.abuggedlife.com/. Click here to view his blog’s Ratified.org profile.

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  2. jayvee f. said...

    seriously considering using that font for body text! very nice and thank you for the interview op drew.

    Jun 26, 2009

  3. jehzlau said...

    nice interview, very inspiring :D (I think this phrase is revolving around comment threads) hehehe.. :D

    Jun 27, 2009

  4. Andrew said...

    @Jayvee: Thanks to you too. :) The font I used is Courier New size 15px.

    @Jehzlau: It is? :D

    Jun 27, 2009

  5. jayvee f. said...

    very inspiring!

    drew, can i steal that photo you made of me? :)

    Jun 27, 2009

  6. Andrew said...

    @Jayvee: Sure! In fact I took that from your Facebook page. Haha.

    Jun 27, 2009

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