June 30th, 2009

Ratified.org Interviews: Lyle Santos

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Indeed, many of the brilliant minds of the Philippine blogosphere hail from Davao City. And Lyle Santos is certainly no exception. Unfazed by his success, Lyle is alway eager to help others succeed on their blogs through monetization. His site, Pinoy R.N., is an extremely popular hangout of nurses and nurses-to-be. He is also a great photographer and dabbles in designing Plurk themes. Here’s more of Lyle and his blogging life:


Ratified.org: Describe your life before you got into blogging.

Lyle: Before blogging, my online existence revolved around internet forum(s) and mobile phone customization and firmware tweaking.

Ratified.org: So what pushed you into blogging?

Lyle: I started blogging out of necessity. Nursing information on the internet was hard to come by back then. If any, information available was either outdated or incomplete. I wanted to create a website about nursing but thought that it needed too much back-end (html, etc.) work on my part. So I decided to use the easiest medium that I could find which is a blog at blogger.com so I could focus on content.

Ratified.org: Would your life have gone a different direction had you not chosen to blog?

Lyle: I think so. I would probably be working in an understaffed but overbooked hospital right now being paid less than the minimum wage instead of writing about stuff that I am passionate about while earning a decent income.

Ratified.org: The blogosphere in Mindanao is thriving. Why do you think this is so?

Lyle: Well, the island of Mindanao is full of smart, tech-savvy, and goodlooking people. So, go figure! =)

Ratified.org: You are a nurse by profession. Blogging about nursing should be a piece of cake.

Lyle: It helps that I am a nurse because I have an insider’s view on issues affecting nursing but it doesn’t make it easier.

Ratified.org: Blog monetization can be frustrating for new bloggers. Which products would you recommend to them?

Lyle: Arguably, Adsense is king. I have tried a great number of ad networks and nothing is more effective than Adsense. What I earn in a year on other ad networks, I earn in a week or two in Adsense.

Ratified.org: Traffic to your site is like a roller coaster ride. Can you give us a little of perspective on how chaotic your traffic might be when the NLE results come out?

Lyle: Fill up Araneta Coliseum (The Big Dome) to full capacity and triple that. That’s the number of hits I get when results are out.

Ratified.org: One of your passions is photography. Can you share any photobloggers you admire?

Lyle: Leonard Pe (http://www.leonardpe.com/) and Andrew dela Serna (http://www.davaophoto.com/)

Ratified.org: What blogging tools can you not live without?

Lyle: My browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox) and Internet connection.

Ratified.org: SEO is the bane of Google. Do you think it’s something we should still keep in mind while creating blogs or websites?

Lyle: Yes, because the point of blogging is to get information out to as many people as possible. But it shouldn’t be the primary consideration. I know it’s beginning to sound cliché but content, really, is king.

Lyle blogs at Pinoy R.N. and Thinking Out Loud. View his Ratified.org profile here.

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  2. bariles said...

    Content is King but Lyle Santos is the King of all King Bloggers!

    Insightful interview of one of the most generous souls in the blogosphere!

    Jun 30, 2009

  3. Leonard Pe said...

    congrats Lyle!

    Jun 30, 2009

  4. sheng said...

    Way to go Lyle, congrats!

    Jun 30, 2009

  5. orman said...

    i envy brendel to the hilt! hmp!

    Jun 30, 2009

  6. Jim said...

    Awesome, Lyle! Congrats!

    Jun 30, 2009

  7. Honey said...

    Great interview! :) Very informative.

    Jun 30, 2009

  8. Chattee said...

    To say that Lyle is benevolent is an understatement much. ;)

    Keep the fire burning and keep on clickin’!

    Jul 1, 2009

  9. MiGs said...


    One of the best bloggers in Davao and in Mindanao.

    A helpful and kind gentleman. Isang tawag mo lang dyan. Di ka magdadalawang salita. Ready to help and share his knowledge.

    Marami ng natulungan at marami pang matutulungan.. Sana wag ka lang maging politician.

    Jul 2, 2009

  10. faust said...

    a mentor, teacher a friend of bloggers.. wOOt..

    Dec 18, 2009

  11. Ria Jose said...

    Definitely not just a top blogger, but a generous one as well. Keep on blogging! :)

    Jun 8, 2010

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